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Eco-Assist™ Product Details

Eco-Assist in Detail
  • A break through upgrade kit for condensing-unit refrigeration systems that provides significant energy savings
  • Patented technology allows single condensing unit systems to employ a floating head pressure control strategy
  • A low-cost, easy to install package that can dramatically change the energy consumption profile of typical single condensing systems
  • Can be installed in existing or new condensing units utilizing any compressor style, horse power, or refrigerant
  • A typical installation yields a simple payback of 14 months. In as little as 8 months when rebates are available
Commerical Refrigeration Unit

Eco Assist™ Features

  • Simple Installation - Typical installation is less than 4 hours!
  • Flexible Solution - Can run on 110v to 240v power. Can be configured for any refrigerant type, temperature application or compressor
  • Superior Quality - Manufactured in the USA of the highest quality materials and components.
  • Low cost components - Cost of $125 using off the shelf hardware. Mass manufacture will greatly reduce component costs.
  • Patented Technology - A unique, exclusive aftermarket opportunity in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Eco Assist™ Benefits

  • The Floating Head System will reduce energy costs by 20-35%
    • Lowers the refrigeration's system's head pressure.
    • Allows the system to take advantage of low pressure sub-cooled liquid, increasing efficiency of the system during cool weather.
  • Lengthens compressor life
    • Shortness run time; compressors are the "heart" of a refrigeration system.
    • The compressor wear is reduced by operating at lower head pressure. Discharge valves run cooler and oil viscosity remain high.
  • Huge Savings and Short R.O.I.
    • Reduce annual energy consumption by over 20%.
    • Typical customer return on investment is 14 months or less!
Commerical Refrigeration Unit
Commerical Compressor

Eco Assist™ Market Opportunities

Addressable Markets

  • 450K+US Light Commercial
    • 160K+ Convenience Stores 1
    • 36K+ Supermarkets / Grocery Stores 2
    • 160K+ Quick Serve Restaurants 3
    • 80K+ Sit-down / Casual Dining Restaurants 4
    • 18K+ Florists 5
  • Large Commercial/Specialty
    • Food Processing and Distribution 6
      • 28K food processing facilities
        • 500 represent 36% of output
      • 2,500+ food distribution companies
        • 375 locations across top 50 distributors
  • DataCenters
    • 500K+ worldwide 7
  • Split system refrigeration equipment
    • Remote compressor
  • Equipment Types
    • Walk-in coolers and freezers
    • Reach-in refrigerated cases
    • Refrigerated multi deck and “coffin cases”
    • Data center air conditioning applications
  • US Commercial refrigeration market and installed base
    • $7.5B+ in equipment sales and service 1
    • 2M+ display cases 2
      • $1B+ / 200K+ annual unit sales
    • 1M+ walk-ins freezers and coolers 2
      • $800M / 40K+ annual unit sales

1 – EIA/NCIA, 2 – FMI, 3 - Pew, 4 – USA Today, 5 – USCensus, 6 – US Dept. Commerce, 7 - Emerson, 8 – Freedonia Group, 9 – US Dept of Energy

Eco Assist™ Recap

  • The patented FHS modification reduce your customer's energy consumption by up to 35%
  • Its a green solution that will lower green house gases
  • An ROI in as little as 8 months with rebates; a solution that is not only good for the environment, but good for the bottomline.
  • Greatly reducing wear and tear on the compressor
  • Can be designed for both new refrigeration systems and aftermarket applications.
  • Easy to install and it's inexpensive to manufacture
  • This patented technology represents a unique opportunity for a manufacture to corner the market in energy reductions in both new equipment and aftermarket conversions
  • $7.5B+ marketplace
Commerical Coolant Coil
Commerical Compressor

About the Inventor

Robert M. "Mike" Read

  • Age: 70 Married 48 years.
  • Served in the Navy Seabees 1966 - 1969.
  • Attended Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA.
  • Worked in the refrigeraton field from 1967 - 1995.
  • Started Microtemp Electronics 1996.
  • Started ERS in 2004.
  • Currently working with Microtemp and ERS Technologies
  • Holds four patents, three in refrigeration, one in transportation.

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